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Protean Ramblings is mainly a retro comedy podcast. We get together to look back on and talk about the stuff we loved from our youth, including but not limited to '80s and '90's cartoons, pro-wrestling, movies, TV, games, and toys.

We also like to have face-off episodes where we pit two characters from different properties against each in various categories and score them using a UFC style 10 point must system.

There are off-topic, mental health, and interview episodes on occasion as well.

As the name suggests we are ever-changing and there is no topic off limits if we have something fun or interesting to say on the matter.



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tending or able to change frequently or easily.
"it is difficult to comprehend the whole of this protean subject"

able to do many different things; versatile.

"protean thinkers who scan the horizons of work and society"

You can tell what each of our episodes is about as they are tagged with below categories in the show names:


    • This includes current but mainly retro reviews as well as interviews.


    • Open, honest but hopeful and up-beat discussions on a topic glossed over for too long.


    • A look back at things we loved when we were younger, cartoons, games, toys, music etc..


    • We pit two entities (be that fictional characters, movies, historic figures) against each other in a round by round battle. Scored using a UFC style 10 point must system.


    • We interview people who we find interesting.


    • For anything we want to waffle about that doesn't fall into any of the above.

We also put out the shows outside these main themes when the mood takes us and we have something to say.

Do note non sequiturs are a speciality of ours.

You can check out our latest shows in the player to the left of subscribe to us wherever you like to get your podcasts.

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