Here you will find all out shows about the fantastic and best sport in the world, professional wrestling. These shows range from reviews of current and retro shows as well as interviews.

PR-01 - [WRESTLING]: F*%&# Necks!!! (A Wrestle Kingdom 15 Review, plus other waffle)


Hey Folks,

Back again after a very long break. AND YAY FUCK 2020 is over. Sorry for the absence we bought a house and moved and I had to setup a new studio etc. But gonna be back with much more regular content now.

This time round myself and Naomi are joined by our friends Nat (Catface) and James (Teager) to do a run down of NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15 featuring an all time classic main event on the second night and the general consensus of F*** NECKS!

We also waffle about politics, fandoms and cats in between the wrestling. A fun show as always so check it out. This is also our longest episode to date, so lots of waffle indeed!


PR-02 - [WRESTLING]: Ramblings On The Royal Rumble 2021

Hey Folks,

As you may have noticed, some things have changed. We are rebranding the show and giving everything a facelift, so this is now kind of the second episode of what is now Protean Ramblings.

We are back again this time with our friends Natalie and James to run down this years WWE Royal Rumble. Not a bad show overall. A fun show as always so check it out..

PR-08 - [WRESTLING]: Rambling On AEW Revolution, Dynamite & No Big Badda Boom

Time for another wrestling show, and of course myself and Naomi are joined by our regular wrestling team Natalie and James.

This time we are taking a look at AEW's Revolution PPV the now infamous (not so) exploding barbed wire death match, the Dynamite that followed it up and their handling of the botched finish to the show.

It's a fun time as always so check it out and please like and leave a review if you enjoyed the show.

PR-12 - [WRESTLING/INTERVIEW]: A Ramble With Jeff Bearden (aka GIant Warrior, Colossus the Gladiator, Big Tiger Steele, and Butch Masters)

Happy Wrestlemania weekend folks!

For this Wrestlemania weekend special Nero and Naomi are joined by a very special guest Jeff Bearden, former pro-wrestler who started out in the business back in 1987 working for Jim Crockett's Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. He then went on to wrestle across world for companies such as CMLL, All Japan, WWC and All-Star Wrestling working alongside names such as Andre The Giant, Giant Baba, Abdullah The Butcher, The Barbarian, Dino Bravo and Canek.

Jeff talks us through his career, working in South Africa, Mexico and Japan, his championship reigns and being stabbed no less than 5 times during his tenure.

He also shares with us his insight into the business today and his thoughts on how things of changed.

This is a great show so please check it and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Jeff Bearden