Off-Topic Interviews

Here is the full list of interviews shows we have done which don't fall into any of our normal show categories.

PR-09 - [INTERVIEW]: Rambling On Hot Sauce Feat. Miro @

Hey y'all! This week on Protean Ramblings we have something a bit different for you, we are joined for an interview by the head honcho of, Miro.

Sausboss is a new artisanal hot sauce company based right here in Amsterdam, making just the best damn hot sauce you ever did have, We talk to Miro about how the sauce came to be, why he decided to go pro, his goals for the future and more.

A fun show as always so check it out. Please do leave a like, review and subscribe if you enjoyed the show it really helps us out.

Be sure to check out Miro's sauce:


PR-22 - [OFF-TOPIC/INTERVIEW]: Naomi Has The Best Words - Discussing Naomi's Latest Novel: Hand Of Fate

Heya Folks,

Just Nero & Naomi back this week with a slight change of pace and a break from the Jayce and The Wheeled Watchalong.

This time round Nero is interviewing Naomi about her latest self published novel: Hand Of Fate.

We talk over Naomi's writing career as well as the latest novel, inspirations and creative process and the chore of writing sex scenes.

A fun show as always so check it out.

Hand Of Fate is available now everywhere you get your ebooks (and Bol).


Naomi on Amazon -