Dungeons & Dragons

Here you will find all our shows revieweing the cartoon based on the progentor of table top role playing, Dungoens & Dragons.

Each epsiode Nero, Naomi and Marc review 3 epsiodes of the cartoon D&D and quite often compare it to our IRL D&D experiences.

PR-40 - [RETRO]: Dungeons & Dragons Review (Part 1, Episodes 1-3)

Lally Ho!!

Welcome folks to magical world of Dungeons & Dragons.

That's right, Nero, Naomi and Marc are back with a new show watch-a-long/review, the classic 80s cartoon based on the legendary table top RPG Dungeons & Dragons.

The frist 3 epsiodes are a treat, but we were all caught off guard by the lack of an intro episode.

A fun show as alaways so check it out.

PR-41 - [RETRO]: Dungeons & Dragons Review (Part 2, Episodes 4-6)

How do Folks,

Nero, Naomi and Marc back for some more nostalgia filled journeys through the world of Dungeons & Dragons (The 80's Cartoon).

Must say this show is holding up much better than we thought it would. It is also a lot fun to watch and try to apply D&D rule sets to what the characters do in the show and figure out what they would need to roll to achieve the end result. If it's Presto, this guy rolls more natural 1's than anyone I know.

This time round we have unicorns, evil wizard battles, Star Wars rip offs, bog beasts and the gang actually get home, for about 30 seconds.

Anyway a fun show as always so check it.

PR-42 - [RETRO]: Dungeons & Dragons Review (Part 3, Episodes 7-9)

Hello Adventurers,

Nero, Naomi and Marc are back again to recount some more tales for the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

This time round the team of teen adventurers have to deal with two different Venger strongholds, one with more slaves and some metaphorical but also metamorphic prisons.

The most metal prison of all time. a skeleton warrior and their own biggest fears.

A fun show as always so check it out.

PR-43 - [RETRO]: Dungeons & Dragons Review (Part 4, Episodes 10-12)

Nero, Naomi and Marc back again with some more Dungeons & Dragons exploits.

This time round the gang find themselves embroiled in a royal sibling rivalry while looking for a cure for Bobby, dealing with a magical box that contains nothing and everything, and lastly a complete left turn into sci-fi and Star Wars references.

A fun show as always so check it out.

Links to the fan art and game below:

PR-44 - [RETRO]: Dungeons & Dragons Review (Part 5, Episodes 13-15)

Helloooo Adventurers,

The gang ar back again with 3 more epsiodes of exploites from the teens trapped in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons.

This first epsiode in this weeks batch is a bit of a lazy one as the writers just decided to phone in an adaptation of Jack & The Beanstalk.

From that point on thouhg things pick up with one of the craziest epsiodes to date full of out there visual stylings and Venger hell beast. We then finish on a decent episode greatly enhanced by the ending and start of the reveal of the relationship between Dungeon Master and Venger.

A fun show as always so check it out.

PR-45 - [RETRO]: Dungeons & Dragons Review (Part 6, Episodes 16-19)

Hello Adventures,

It's D&D storytime with Nero, Naomi, and Marc.

This time round we have tales of faraway lands with sussy bakka Arab kings and hedonistic demons. Star Wars/Care Bear rip-offs and the most metal AF castle and explosion in the series so far.

A fun show as always so checks it out.

As a fun bonus we have The Vengers and the math that makes a cloud bear

PR-46 - [RETRO]: Dungeons & Dragons Review (Part 7, Episodes 20-22)

Well Merry Xmas, I guess.

I hate christmas so our christmas special isn't. Nero, Naomi and Marc are back with another epsiode with tales from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

We are getting close to the end now and things are heating up, for one episode at least. The 3 episodes we review this time round is a manic murder plot sandwiched between to sacarin love stories.

A fun epsiode as always so check it out.

PR-47 - [RETRO]: Dungeons & Dragons Review (Part 8, Episodes 23-25)

Lally ho adventurers!

Nero, Naomi and Marc back with our penultimate episode of our Dungeons and Dragons watchthrough.

2 really solid episodes in this batch . The first has a hell of pace and what appears to be the highest of stakes, it’s even brown trouser time for Venger.

The second episode has Nazis…… yeah..

And I got stuck with another bloody friendship episode, typical.

A fun show as always so check it out.

PR-48 - [RETRO]: Dungeons & Dragons Review (FINALE, Episodes 25-28)

Hey Folks,

It's finally here, the last episode in our Dungeons & Dragons review series.

Sorry this is a bit late, life has been somewhat hectic between work, new kittens and wedding planning.

In this last episode we not only review the final 3 episodes of the aired series of Dungeons & Dragons but also the dramatised version of the unaired bit finalized script for what would have been the last ever episode. This would see the team finally best Venger and get home, kind of.

Anyway a fun show as always so check it out.