Mental Health

Mental health is a passionate subject for us here ar Protean Ramblings so we like to cover it every now and again as we do feel it's an important discussion to be had, especially since most of us here at the show have either struggled with mental health issues or been close to people who have.

PR-03 - [MENTAL HEALTH]: Ramblings On Mental Health, Lockdown, Politics And Shark Films

Hey Y'all,

Were back this time with a full house, not just myself and Naomi but BUNGLE makes his long awaited return to the show. We are joined by are good friend Ben to pick up on the discussion we had back in May on mental health, but more focused on the lockdown side of things this time round.

From there we branch into a bit of gaming talk, politics and shark films, because of course we do.

A fun show as always so check it out.


PR-06 - [MENTAL HEALTH]: Rambling On Girl Interrupted & Borderline Personality Disorder

Hey Folks,

Nero & Naomi back with another mental health focused episode again, this time we discuss our thoughts on the 1999 classic film Girl Interrupted and the portrayal of borderline personality disorder in the film. This was spurred on by my own diagnosis of BPD and having not seen the film since being diagnosed. Of course this discussion draws of heavily on my experiences with BPD and Naomi's living with a person with BPD.

We talk about the evolution of the disorder, the definition, diagnostic procedure and general understanding as well as mental health practices in general. We also touch on some other references to BPD in media including Star Wars.

A fun show as always, and hopefully informative as well, so check it out. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on future episodes.


PR-15 - [MENTAL HEALTH] - Nero's Eating Disorder Treatment Diary (Part 1 - The Prologue)

Hey Folks,

!!Trigger Warning!! Nero & Naomi are back this time to talk about Nero's ongoing battle with his eating disorder, his upcoming treatment and just eating disorders in general.

This is going to be the first in a series as Nero will be going for inpatient psychiatric care to try and break the back of the eating disorder after ten years. These episodes will be coming out each weekend as he will be home for the weekends during his treatment.

Hopefully anyone out there suffering with similar issues can take inspiration and information from this that there is treatment and help out there and what that might look like for you.

The book we used for some of the stats we talk about in this show is linked below:

PR-19 - [MENTAL HEALTH] - Nero's Eating Disorder Treatment Diary (Part 2 - The First 2 Weeks)

Hey Folks,

!!Trigger Warning!!

Nero & Naomi are back again with an update on Nero's eating disorder treatment, overall things have been going well.

In this episode we take you through what life is like on the treatment ward, some of the challenges faced especially being a non-Dutch speaking patient.

Hopefully y'all find this interesting and informative.