About The Show

History Of The Show

It All Started With Vaping (The Birth of Rambling Vapers)

We started out as a vaping podcast, well at least that was the intention.

Both myself (Nero) and Bungle kicked long term smoking habits and became avid vapers. We fell right into the "vape scene" and decided we were both passionate about it to want to try and spread the word. So we started a podcast.

Not before too long and couple of shakey pilots did we realise that as much as we love vaping we had more to say, plus we couldn't stay on topic anyway. This is where the "rambling" part of our name comes from.

So we had a pretty rough recording rig setup in my living room and we started pumping out shows. We had friends come on to talk not only about vaping but a variety of other topics (a tradition we still keep) and plodded on that way for a while.

The Transition To Rambling Stoners

So after we had been putting out content on a... semi-regular basis to be generous (mainly due to day time work clashes) a big change happened that threatened to end everything. I got a job in Amsterdam!

This presented a whole number of challenges going forward, as before we had both been in the same place to record and been able to get away with a basic setup. If we were going to continue to do this show, we needed to get pro...

Well at least pretend to get pro-ish.

So we invested in better audio equipment for both of us and I moved. Bungle was even kind enough to drive the van with all our stuff in to The Dam!

Once me and Naomi were settled here I got the new studio up and we got to it again. It was a learning curve getting the sound just right and working out the best may to do a mix-minus setup, but we got there in the end.

The only snag is we found it harder to find time where we were both free to record, so as a result Naomi has become a fully fledged member of the team as I can do shows with her if Bung isn't available.

The big change of course was the legal weed which meant I could talk more freely about this topic as a whole. It also started to fuel a lot more of the episodes we put together, so we (well I) decided it was time for a change and for us to be more true to who we were as a show.

The Pandemic Era & Protean Ramblings

I AM DOING IT AGAIN! F#*%$&!!!!!

As I write this it's just turned 2021, the world is in turmoil and suffering through a global pandemic that has changed everything.

As these world events have taken impact, other things have happened in our personal lives. Of biggest note for me and Naomi we bought our first house, firmly planting some roots here in Amsterdam.

As a consequence of this there has been a big gap in episodes but we are back now and going to be delivering much more diverse content. Naomi is going to playing a bigger role and we will have exciting new guests and topics.

Also probably a lot more talking about wrestling, hey I am a superfan what can I say.

Due to these sweeping changes and broadening of the show, we (well I!) have decided to YET AGAIN change the name of the show and revamp the whole shebang.

All that being said I hope you'll stick around and enjoy the shows we put and that they bring some laughter and mirth into what can be a chaotic world right now.

Stay safe out there and enjoy a pic of Kazuchika and Keiji, our Maine Coon's

Nero x