Other Retro

Here are all our retro episodes that are not about cartoons, including the Naomi Never Saw it series where we go back and review classic films and TV from the 80's & 90's which Naomi never saw first time round.

PR-16 - [RETRO]: Naomi Never Saw It - The Neverending Story

He Folks,

Just Nero and & Naomi back this week with the first in a series we will be calling "Naomi Never Saw It".

Where we will be going back and watching classic films from the 80's and 90's that Naomi never saw and getting her first impressions on them.

To start of we watched the all time children's classic The Neverending Story. It was great to watch this film again and really fun to share with Naomi.

A fun show as always so check it and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on more fun episodes coming up.

PR-17 - [RETRO]: Childhood Media Trauma

Hey Folks,

Just Nero & Naomi back this week. We are discussing some of the media we consumed as children that had lasting traumatic or scarring effects on us.

This is not as heavy as it sounds, it's a fun look back at things like The Last Unicorn, The Animals of Farthing Wood, Jeff Wayne's War of The Worlds and other such media that either scared us or changed our world outlook in some way.

A fun show as always so be sure to check it out.

PR-25 - [RETRO]: Naomi Never Saw It - Critters

Hey Folks,

Sorry this episode is late out this week. We did intend to have more JWW for you, but during editing the audio file corrupted and we had to scrap it and re-record.

Jayce will be back next week, but in the interim Nero and Naomi decided to do an impromptu Naomi Never Saw it on the 80's schlock horror film Citters.

The film is often compared with Gremlins (which is done on this show as well), but it's very much its own film and much better than Nero remembered.

This a fun show as always so check it out.

PR-27 - [RETRO]: Naomi Never Saw It - Gremlins

Hey Folks,

Couldn't get Marc for a Jayce episode this week so in place we have another Naomi Neve Saw It episode for you. This time Nero and Naomi follow up on the episode from a couple of weeks back looking at Critters, this time Naomi watched Gremlins for the first time.

Needless to say this episode is thoughts on Gremlins for sure but also comparing it to Critters as the franchises were often seen as competing back in the day.

It's a fun show as always so check it out.