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Who are Easy Peasy CBD?

They are a new company with a vision to make CBD easy to understand, easy to buy, easy to consume, and best of all - cheap! Recent reductions in the wholesale price of CBD have enabled them to set prices which makes CBD accessible to everyone. It's not just CBD: it's Easy Peasy CBD!

Naomi's Writing

Urban fantasy, paranormal romance and all round amazing author. Co-Host of this show.

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Naomi's alter ego, mainly used for the more campy side of romance including MCR.

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Homemade hot sauce straight from Amsterdam.

For most people, the sauce I make would be too hot, but we have all seen the rising popularity of hot sauces over the last couple of years and even YouTube shows dedicated to people answering questions while eating hot wings of death.

Sausboss is a little bit more humble. I make one type of sauce. I sell one type of sauce. And I have 100% confidence in my product. It took me more than 2 years of experimentation to get to where I am now.

This is 100% artisanal hot sauce, homemade, in my own kitchen, with pain-staking care and sometimes tears if I make a mistake.

Currently only shipping to Netherland, Belgium & Luxembourg

Where Art & Flesh Collide

Founded by artists Jay Freestyle & Jenna Coffin, Freedom & Flesh is a fusion tattoo studio/art gallery nestled in the heart of Amsterdam. A place where the worlds most creative minds gather to deliver you unparalleled art that is brought to life on your flesh.

Canadian tattoo artist Jenna Coffin combines neo-realism with pop culture to create designs that are frostier than your exes heart.

“Give me a piece of your skin & I'll give you

a piece of my soul”

Mixed media fine arts

A Podcast about LARPing hosted by our some time collaborators Ian & Dave.

A fun show if your thinking about trying out LARPing or even if you don't LARP. Check them out!!

Paranormal romance author, cat lady extraordinaire , vegan and some time collaborator with Naomi on joint works of fiction.

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