The Team

The Main Team

Nero (Battlebeard)

The main host of the show head honcho around these parts.

I love pro-wrestling and all things Japanese, especially Japanese pro-wrestling or プロレスラー.

Bungleman (The Bung)

The one and only Bung. The co-founding co-host of the show.

A stand up gentlemen, clearly a 1920's explorer born in the wrong era.

Naomi (Award Winning Author)

Nero's infinitely better half. Award winning author, perfume maker, tarot reader and part-time vampire hunter.

Check out her books here: Naomi's Amazon Page



Our primary retro cartoon cohort and most recent addition to the main Protean Team.




Pro-wrestling specialist



Pro-wrestling specialist


(Bennie Boy)

Stalwart, all round well informed gentleman


(The DM)

Co-host of the LARP Noobs podcast


(The Dude)

Co-host of the LARP Noobs podcast

The Studio

Here is a glimpse into the HQ of Protean Ramblings and where Nero and Naomi do all their recording and Nero does his best edit together a coherent show.